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The best insurance for future business success is an exceptional educational system

Gallatin has a renowned public school system—Sumner County Schools– including
eight high schools, eleven middle schools, 25 elementary schools, a K-12 magnet
school, a night high school and an alternative school, as well as nine private schools.
Gallatin private schools are also exceptional. Together, these public and private options
provide Gallatin and Sumner County with exceptional primary education opportunities.
Volunteer State Community College and several nearby universities allow students to
extend their education while staying close to home.

Vocational training opportunities are also plentiful as is access to job training in
Gallatin. The Gallatin Economic Development Agency’s Executive Director sits on the
Sumner County Technical Career Training Advisory Panel, the purpose of which is to
identify skill sets that high-school graduates will need to successfully compete for jobs
in local industries. Employers will find a wealth of industrial training in Gallatin.

For more information about access to education and training resources, check out the
Training section of the Resource Center or contact Gallatin Economic Development
Agency at (615) 451-5940 or

Sumner County students’ test scores are consistently one of the top two in Middle Tennessee.