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Getting around is easy when you live in Gallatin. Interstates 40, 24 and 65 are nearby
and Nashville International Airport is just 30 minutes away.

Gallatin’s current transportation infrastructure enhances quality of life and city
leaders plan to keep it that way. That’s why they are looking ahead to future
transportation needs with plans like the Greensboro North Transit Ready
Development (TRD) project, a walkable village that will create a traditional
neighborhood village with a transit station among offices, retailers and residences.
The Greensboro North project is projected to have 2,000 dwelling units and over
1 million square feet of office and commercial space.

The city’s forward thinking has attracted attention. The Tennessee Chapter of the
American Planning Association (TAPA) recently announced Gallatin, Tennessee’s
Greensboro North Transit Ready Development (TRD) as the 2012 recipient for
Outstanding Planning Award for a Green Development in the small community

Officials in Gallatin and Sumner County are committed to initiatives that set the
stage for future growth and development that will not only create more
economically vibrant communities but also help to conserve the natural spaces and
cultural places that have made Sumner County a desirable location to both live and
start a business. 2035 Comprehensive Plan and the Gallatin on the Move 2020
Plan contain more information about long-range planning.

To learn more about the advantages of living in Gallatin, contact Gallatin Economic
Development Agency at (615) 451-5940 or

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