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Options galore

Whether you’re the top executive, a middle manager or a rank-and-file associate, Gallatin has housing options to fit every budget.

  • Multi-million dollar lakefront homes that feature luxurious living and
    unparalleled access to country club amenities.
  • Upscale apartment complexes ideal for executives and management in
  • Cozy bungalows and elegant Victorian painted ladies in leafy in-town
  • Sprawling acreage perfect for the aspiring organic gardener or gentleman
  • Edgy lofts in the historic town square.
  • Stately old homes awaiting restoration.

One of the best parts about living in Gallatin is that you are just 30 minutes from the arts, culture, shopping and excitement of Nashville. Low property taxes make the living even easier.

Interested in learning more about housing options in the Gallatin area? Contact Gallatin Economic Development Agency at (615) 451-5940 or

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