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Gallatin’s location advantage—we’re within a day’s drive of two thirds of the U.S.
populations and less than 30 minutes from Nashville—makes the city an attractive spot
for corporate and regional headquarters, Tier 1 automotive suppliers, second and third
tier manufacturing projects, and companies with a significant distribution component.

But location is only half the story. A high level of transportation infrastructure balances
the equation. Interstate access is a big draw with six interstates intersecting in nearby
Nashville. Gallatin has a regional airport and is only minutes away from the Nashville
International Airport. CSX provides reliable rail transportation for industries dependent
on the railroad. And elected leadership is not only aware of keeping Gallatin up to
speed with its infrastructure, but is committed to it.

Downloadable PDFs explain more about Gallatin’s transportation advantage, four-lane
access, time/distance to major markets, and information about CSX rail service and

For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Gallatin Economic Development
Agency at (615) 451-5940 or

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