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The Tennessee Materials Exchange (TME) promotes the beneficial use of material
resources, especially those considered to be wastes destined for disposal. It is a free
service, operated by The University of Tennessee Center for Industrial Services, that
helps Tennessee businesses find markets for industrial by-products, surplus materials
and wastes. Material that one company classifies as waste may be raw material to
another. The TME lists potentially useful materials, available and wanted, and serves as
a matchmaker between those who have materials and those who want them.

Gallatin Trash to Treasure: If your company has industrial by-products, surplus
materials and wastes that you think may be utilized by another business or if you think
another Gallatin company is disposing of materials that your company can use, contact
the GEDA and we will distribute the information to our Existing Industries. Several of
our industries have already utilized this with the result of saving them both money!

For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Gallatin Economic Development
Agency at (615) 451-5940 or

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